Abby's Healing Haven

Heal and Pamper Menu Price
90 minute Deep Tissue Massage $110
60 minute Deep Tissue or Relaxation Massage $80
30 minute Hand, Foot or Specific area Massage $45
Pranic Healing Treatment $110
Trauma Busting Treatment - TBT 60 minutes $80
30 minutes Organic Facial using premium organic skincare products $45
Magnesium Chloride Oil spray from Magnesium life $30-100ml

Phone: 021 352 486 / 07 866 8157

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"I been coming to Abby regularly for the past 2.5 years and have found real benefit from her massage. Her firm style and overall holistic approach to her craft has helped imeasurably to maintain what has been a very painful back and neck. She is delightful company at the same time, so would highly recommend her services. We will miss her in Auckland!!"  Lisa Rogers

"Abby has an intuitive understanding of what needs to be worked on. It’s absolutely amazing." – Andrew C.

Therapeutic massage- Employing deep tissue alongside energy healing techniques with a free Ayurvedic facial using World Organics replenish rose attar face oil with every 90 minute massage.

Pranic Healing, chakra clearing- A cleansing and aligning of the subtle energies in the body. A technique that has beneficial effects on the physical as well as the subtle bodies

Trauma Busting Treatment- a simple process for assistance in successfully moving beyond trauma on all levels. A situation involving a fight, flight or freeze response constitutes trauma. Held in the system trauma can become a source of dis-ease and often a feeling of stuckness in life emotionally. If you have ever suffered from PTSD this is the treatment for you. TBT is effective for all age groups. It is a combination of EFT and NLP developed by the esteemed Rehana Webster who trained me.

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